How we can help you maximise the performance of your people

Between us we have a wealth of experience and specialist skills to help you achieve greater business success.
We can work as a team or individually as experts in our particular field. Our work covers one on one executive coaching, small group coaching, workshops, facilitation of planning, skill-development workshops and conference keynote addresses.
Please see below for specific services offered.


Richard Motet. Business Psychologist/Employment Relations Specialist

My passion is to get alongside the business, roll up my sleeves, and to demonstrate that good people management does translate into realizable $ results be it revenue, capacity, risk mitigation or cost-management. And this is one of the ways we sustain jobs, enhance quality of work-life, and keep our economy competitive.

As a Business Psychologist I can help you in the following ways:
Employment Relations | Change Management | Psychometrics | Business Effectiveness


Cherri Holland. Performance & Change Specialist

I have found that most businesses operate at a fraction of potential. It is uncommon for an organisation to change itself to correct this and operate at true potential. Yet, without this change, an organisation is in various stages of atrophy. People’s efforts are wasted and eventually customers go elsewhere.

As a Change Specialist I can help you in the following ways:
Leadership | Team Performance | Sales & Service |Strategy Development | Communication & Relationship building


Al Dickman. Persuasion & Influence Specialist

In an increasingly competitive environment, retaining and growing your existing business is critical to your immediate future. However retaining business on your terms is even more important. When times are tough having good negotiation skills as well as the ability to avoid conflict, build trust and win new business is key to business success.
As a Persuasion Specialist I can help you in the following ways:

Winning Pitches| Sales Training | Negotiation | Conflict Management |Strategy Development


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